Benchmark finished on 20:52:39 02.Nov.2020 (benchmarked in 8min 5sec)
CPU & Memory
Operations with large text data
This function tests how well your CPU and memory can handle and transform large text-data. These functions are quite important for parsing wordpress post-data, templates and filters.
7.3 sec
Random binary data operations
Test CPU and memory with random binary data generation and memory prefill. While these are not critical Wordpress related functions, but they test CPU power and memory bandwidth.
6.3 sec
Filesystem write ability
Fast disk access time is very important for any software and Wordpress is not an exclusion. Higher score means faster disk access time and writing ability.
3.3 sec
~305 MB/s
Local file copy and access speed
This score shows how fast your server is able to read and write local files. In general this replicates to the speed of disks, filesystem, system cache. Fast filesystem means faster code loading and execution.
15.7 sec
~64 MB/s
Small file IO test
5.1 sec
~14 MB/s
Importing large amount of data to database
This set of functions creates 3 database tables and imports large amount of data. High score means, how fast your database server is capable to write and aggregate data and indexes.
16.7 sec
Simple queries on single table
Functions, that show how good your database server can handle simple requests using indexes and query cache. Most requests to database are quite simple, but their count can be high, so it is important, that they execute really fast.
2.4 sec
Complex database queries on multiple tables
Complex SQL queries are those, which can create most of the load and slow down your Wordpress website. This is one of the most critical parameters. Our test queries fetch random data from several test tables. High score of this test depends on fast CPU, memory and disk of the database server.
0.4 sec
Object cache
Network download speed test
This is server download speed, which is speed to your server. While most of the traffic (for visitors) will always go out of your server, these tests can identify bottlenecks of server's internet connection speed.
23.2 sec
~26 mbit/s
Your final server score
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This is quite average score, your site should run quite well, but it will not break any speed record.